Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Visit to Wisconsin Dells

I started my year with good GRE scores and ended with enjoying at Wisconsin Dells.

Well with all the grades out AB, B, B, it was time to relax. Being 3 hours away from Chicago, Wisconsin Dells was the obvious choice.

We started our journey on 19th, Dec. Our first stop was  after 15 minutes at Patel Bazaar. Reason: Well unlimited Chaat, Pav Bhaji, Chole Bhature, Dabeli, Bataka Vada, Idli Sambhar, Dosa, Ragda Paities, Samosa...All really really really tasty......All this for only 6.9 dollars...Can you imagine this.

In Houghton we would pay 15 dollars for it. And thats a statement.

Well going ahead with the journey we reached Wisconsin Dells at around 5 pm. After getting fresh in Rome Resort we went to the indoor theme park for rides..There was Roller Coaster,Go-carting,  Mountain Climbing, Slides, Octopus, Free Fall and much more....Fully satisfied we embarked to our next destination which is indoor Water park...

There was  water slide, splash pads, spray grounds, lazy river and much more to offer. We made the most it.
After having fun we returned to room to have 'Chai'(Tea) and 'Dhebra' (Fenugreek bread). We called it a day.

Next day we went to water park to repeat the same thing. This time for more time. After gets  hungry we went to a Pedros.(An unwise decision for Vegetarians)

Returned to our room to play cards...The next morning had pretzel for the first time and had Ice-cream of Haagen Dazs (Currently this company's Delhi outlet is in limelight due to some controversy).

After a 3 hr ride we came to Chicago to reach Chipotle and had Baritos. (To reimpose our faith in Mexican Food). 

So this is how we ended our journey in happy note..Enjoy the picture's with link below.

Bye for now....