Saturday, December 3, 2011

Universities to select for 3yrs IT experience and Avg Profile


I am frm ECE field and working in XYZ in Pune , I am applying for univ in canada,  germany, netherland, singapore .... not US coz i think thats will be very costly ...

I have decided some univs also... but prob is that I have avg profile... except work exp of 3 yrs ... that also i doubt wont help as it is in IT sector... n i want to apply for electrical field :(

now prob is that univ i have selected are among the top univ ... now confused whether it will be right to apply to these univ.... means i have to have gud academinc profile (like IIT name)

would be very helpful if u can help me how to select univ.... it should be all top ... or some avg unv also... 

how much will be the expenses if i apply in US or any other ... 



Good that you have decided for MS after 3 yrs of Experience. 

Your question mainly boils down to 

1) Which country for MS
2) Which Universities to apply for

For 1) I think US offers best option for you. As you mentioned cost as a factor, I believe the return on investment (ROI) is pretty high. In spite of avg academic record, your GRE score would determine how much scholarship you get. Your soft skills would help you landing an on campus job. Plus there are lots of internship opportunities available (Your US based company work-ex would be helpful). So in the end I believe you will gain valuable experience and education plus your balance sheet would be in green.

For 2) The job market for international students in US is in favor of IT. So if you want to go for Electrical you have to be in one of the best Universities and have to do a thesis\project on something which industry needs. 

Electrical is a broad field. Unless you mention what you are interested in 1) VLSI 2) Embedded 3) Telecom 4) Power 5) Computer Network 6) Semiconductors and many more. 

Basically for Computer Networks look for schools in California or NY City. For VLSI and Embedded go for schools in California, Texas, Michigan, Chicago area. For Power look for schools in Michigan, NJ, NY, California or may be anywhere. Power is very good across US.

I hope this helped. Let me know if you find this useful. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Semester Vows and expectations

New York: It has been 6 months since I am living in New York Metropolitan region and it has been great. It is indeed a city of opportunities. People from all race, ethnicity, color, country, religion, ideology live here. I wonder what would have Williams Wordsworth have written about NY. Whether it is Mets or Jets they all make you feel a part of it. 

At any rate, last semester fulfilled my dream of writing articles, teaching an all girls high school and what not. What it not fulfilled was making an Android Application. Other failures were surely there but tomorrow new semester is going to start and would like to concentrate on new challenges ahead.

This semester I want to do a technical internship in a big company. Have some surprises lying ahead for sure. Want to try my hands (Rather legs) on Ice skating. Plans are afoot to get my first project via Kaunas Tech. Want to give CCNA by the end of this semester. I wish to be clean with Java by the end of Semester. Also want to complete all labs of Webgoat by the end of January. I do expect of getting at least 4 GPA to save my scholarship. Other targets are to have a nice physic

Today my dream of having my own website is about to be complete. Next targets are to learn Drupal. Others are to make a website for my mama and to find a Summer internship. Want to do a project under a Prof. and to do a geeky thing each week, much up to my satisfaction. 

I hope with best wishes from my Mom and other well wishers I will be able to complete much of it.

Have a great New Year.