Monday, January 16, 2012

Plan for 2012

Last year, I mentioned about my plan for 2011. Most of it was a success. So it is time to make plans for year 2012.

For this year luckily there is no study*. So I can use this time to take couple of certifications. The basic one any Network Engineer must have is CCNA. So planning to take it by first week of March. Apart from this Intuition is another thing I want to complete by July. Once I am done with Intuition, I will know the business side of Finance too. 

For the personality development program, I will try to attend the ABToastmasters. This is a very good club to improve public speaking. Also the presentation seminar provided to TAPS is a good way to improve these skills. Planning to learn Spanish this year. May be Rosetta stone could be used. I have joined Gym to get fit. Planning to reach to 150 lbs. 

On the fun side planning to improve my Garba skills and continue to write for campus newspaper.

This is what comes to my mind for now. I will keep posting.

*no college studies

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