Sunday, February 17, 2013

EE Universities


Hello Sir, 

      This is Vineela persuing B.Tech final year in Electrical and Electronics Engineering . I am writing my GRE exam on 11th of  March. I am a final year student and I am interested in Electrical subject like Machines, Power Systems, Control Systems, I can do well in any electrical subject. I want to pursue my masters in EE. Will you please send me the good universities so that I can send my application. 

10th percentage  83%
12th   89.4 %  70% no backlogs
GRE minimum expected score 294. 


Hi Vineela, 

Congratulations on your decision to pursue Masters in the US. 

These days Power Engineers are in great demand due to clean energy initiatives. My friends were able to find jobs very easily while being in college. Plus after US presidential elections now the policies towards green energy and infrastructure development are more clear and concrete. This will spiral up job growth in Electrical Engineering field. 

You have a pretty strong 10th and 12th score and decent undergrad score. Admissions into Tier 1-2 Universities depend heavily on GRE score so try to keep score above 305 benchmark.

Your field of study demands good research based Universities. Below are the Universities you should apply to.

1) University of Colorado at Boulder.
Why: Good research. Job opportunities. 

2) Polytechnic Institute of New York University.
Why: Experience of being in New York City. Job Opportunities. 

3) Michigan Technological University.
Why: Free application. Low fees. Job Opportunities. Great people.

4) University of Wisconsin at Madison or Milwakee
Why: Good research. Job opportunities. 

5) University of Texas at Arlington.
Why: Job opportunities. 

6) University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
Why: Job opportunities. 

7) North Dakota State University
Why: Almost 100% scholarship. Study for 1 semester and than take transfer to better University

Usually students get low GPA in first semester due to non-experience reasons. You can clean this stain by transferring to a better University after first semester. This way you can gain experience for free and have another opportunity to make better GPA with 9 credits to transfer.

8) Washington State University
Why: Job opportunities. 

Good luck!!! 


  1. Sir,

    I'm a pass put student of B.E in Electrical Engineering.I am wrote my GRE exam on 25th of March.I am interested in Power Systems. I want to pursue my masters in EE Spring 2014. It would be so helpful if you can give me some tips .

    10th percentage 80%
    12th 76 % 74.8% (1 backlog in 3 sem cleared in 4 sem )
    GRE score 320.( 152 V | 168-Q )

    6 months work experience in Electrical distribution company .

    thanking you
    Pawan Singh

  2. Hi Pawan,

    You have got a great GRE score... I used to work for Alstom Power, so I know where you are coming from... EE is a broad field of study.. Can you be more specific?

  3. Hi sir,I am presently pursuing my B.E. in Electronics and communication engg(7th sem).I am planning to do my MS in Embedded systems or Robotics.I am going to give my GRE(expecting score 305+) on coming 30th of march and TOEFL( expecting 85+) on 11th of may 2013.. I am looking for a spring 2014 intake.. I need to shortlist around 6 universities among these..
    1.University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
    2.Northeastern University Boston, MA
    3.Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--New Brunswick Piscataway, NJ
    4.University of Massachusetts--Amherst, MA
    5.Polytechnic Institute of New York University Brooklyn, NY
    6.University: Syracuse University Syracuse, NY
    7.Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX
    8.University of Texas--Dallas (Jonsson) Richardson, TX
    9.New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ
    10.Stevens Institute of Technology (Schaefer) Hoboken, NJ
    11.Clarkson University
    12.University of Texas-Arlington
    13.New Mexico State University
    14.University of Louisville
    15.University of Arkansas Fayetteville
    16.San Francisco State University

  4. Sir.. Please help me out in this..
    10th- 92.64%
    12th- 75.62%
    B.E CGPA(till date)- 7.86/10
    -- carried out a project on remote voice controlled navigational robot
    -- Have participated in many college level technical events.
    You are my last hope.. Please reply..

  5. Hi Sid,

    Congrats on your decision to pursue Masters in the US. Programming in general is a very booming field of Study and with specialization in Robotics you will gain a much needed skill.

    Schools in the US are experiencing high number of applications. Which means you have to complete with more students. Based on your score, I advice you following 6 Universities from the list you provide.

    1) Northeastern University Boston, MA
    2) Polytechnic Institute of New York University Brooklyn, NY
    3) University: Syracuse University Syracuse, NY
    4) New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ
    5) Stevens Institute of Technology (Schaefer) Hoboken, NJ
    6) University of Texas-Arlington

    All the best.

  6. Hello sir,
    I am Sumantra from Kolkata. I am a 2012 passout from Jadavpur university(electrical engg.).
    Here is the synopsis of my profile-

    1) HS score- 90%
    2) B.E grade point 7.98/10.
    3) work exp- 1yr+ (TIL LTD. as Design Engineer)

    I am appearing for GRE and TOEFL ( will be done within 20 OCT '13)
    Now following are my queries:
    a) What are my chances of getting a MS with Funding ( I am not expecting full scholarship)

    b) Can I apply for integrated PHD?

    d)What are the universities I should be looking for? ( If I can score 110+ in TOEFL, 310+ in GRE ).
    ( I am looking for universities with better funding option. )

    Your kind comments are solicited .

  7. Sir,
    I heard that university of california ,north ridge has stopped spring intake ,is it true?

  8. Hi Suram,

    For International Graduate students, applications are OPEN in Spring 2014 EXCEPT for following majors:

    Anthropology, Art MFA, Chicano/Chicana Studies, Communication Studies, Education Doctorate, Educational Psychology and Counseling all options, Health Administration, Health Science, Physical Therapy Doctorate, Psychology, Screenwriting, Social Work, Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management, Visual Arts (MFA)

    Hope your major is not one among mentioned.


  9. Sir,
    How about university of illinois-springfield.I am expecting admission from that university

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