Friday, August 28, 2009

Michigan Technological University

Friends....I experience a Shrill while typing my ongoing experience in Michigan Tech.

1) How a tourist spot in America is.
2) How diverese can American Culture be.
3) How Americans view Indians.
4) How NRI are.
5) How Active ppl are here.
6) How American University works.
7).....So on...

It is newer completing.
My new series will cover all this topics one by one. Keep in touch with my hand on experince.

Stay Tuned...


  1. Today i had an amazing stuff called Cinnamon Bread. It is a bit sweet and more of a pan cake.

    Also the previous day i had a chance to eat Waffle and the way they cook is also too cool. But was not the taste i expected (As there was much hype about it) with Maple Syrup.

    Pan cake is something i enjoyed eating and is pretty heavy too. Also had the same with Maple Syrup and Butter...

  2. Yesterday i had a very hectic day.

    I always had relatives in US usually saying that they have a lot of social events taking place on Weekends. It is something now i experience.

    Yesterday i woke just before the noon at 11:00. After that i cooked my food which took me an hr. Much before i can eat i realized i had a Qincy mine tour.

    Later i had to go to an International event [Those crooks were trying to make us read Bible and offer us free food {SICK}]...Then had a Indian Dance party.....Had lots of Samosa and when finally came to room found a mail which said impromptu Vollyball party at pool side...MAN what an hectic was it...

  3. Today is somewhat a good day. Ideally Sunday not much to do.

    Best thing i did before can go for afternoon nap was to cook for the entire week. Was a big experiment but some how managed to cook to the least.

    Went to Gym and had a bit work out.

    Rest was nothing interesting and much to talk about but made some modifications in the blog (My latest Venture). Signed some mandatory forms such as Room-mate agreement forms (Quite interesting though), Community agreement forms and stuff.

    I observed one thing today is that students in US don'd murmur in back which usually happened in my class. They all joke and comment in public so that everyone can have a laugh on it. Which i found to be quite nice.

    Thats all for the day..But tomorrow would be rather interesting as its my first day in University..............Goody.

  4. Wow what a day was it..

    Woke at 7:58 dint waste a time at all and by 9:30 was ready to leave with breakfast already in my stomach.

    Starting for my first day to college with full flair and vibrancy only to let down in the first lecture only. (It said programming). I decided to meet my Advisor and got suggested to shift my course to Solid State Devices. Woh!! a sign of relief.

    Then i borrowed some books from library for VLSI design, recalled a book for Real time System (Which i met get on 31st September). Went to Fisher hall Cafeteria for Job, Maths section submitting form of grader and in Electrical Dept. for same grader and tutor. Gosh !! teaching again....

    Met Dr. Weaver to inform him about my decision of not taking Power at all. He was fine and infact suggested over time to work together on some project.

    Then i headed straight to an unscheduled class of mine. That is of Solid Straight Device. I informed him my reason of being here and he was ok with it.

    Was time up to meet honor my appointment at Career Center. She had provided me a good amount of suggestion which included coining my new name CHEE and also speaking slow and getting American Accent. I like that.

    Attended my VLSI class and got my first Research Assignment. Was good i guess. Have to work over-night for the same.

    I also talked to my librarian for me working as a Volunteer as it would help me keep busy.

    Came to room with tiredness and went straight to bed and waking at 9 and writing my blog of the day.

    I hope the new day would be more wonderful and restful..Take care and have fun...

  5. Another day another life....

    What a day to start. Had a class at 10 and woke at 9.(10min walking distance + 20 min to get ready + 20 min to eat Breakfast + 10 min to clean room + 5 min pack the bag with necessary stuff...)..But i compressed the file and did everything within 30 min. Thats called Lempel–Ziv–Welch (LZW) algorithm. {For those who does not know this it is a data compression algo.}

    Neways the irony lays here when i found that class is been cancelled till next Tuesday. Gosh. Never mind i went out to get fresh air to be amazed to find a fair going in my campus. Each stall with its own attraction of lucky draw and discount and gifts and snacks. I filled my bagpack with all of these and happily had my colorfull lunch (Truly it was orange, Red Apple, Green grapes and not to forget black soda).

    After all these work which consumed 20 Cal of energy i directly went to attend my new found un registered class termed as SOLID STATE DEVICE.

    On and on and yes finally ended,[:)]. Went to room to unload my heavy bag and take some print out of my just concluded thesis on VLSI. Made corrections, bought a Gallon of Milk and had a look at my new T-shirt. Is good i thought.

    Went for next lecture at 4. Attended and later should my result to my Prof. Result: Was happy and gay. He infact told me about later concepts and gave other files to me to refer and then discuss with him. Man that was what i call it - Moment of the day. Later went to room to eat my speciality Jeera Rice. Was yummy.

    Called Bina di and then with Mom for an hour or so. Felt good and relaxed. phew.

    But time is not to rest. Had a chat with Harshil about VLSI courses and DFM. Went to different sites to buy books and stuff. Mailed Ronak about his role in me getting me the cheapest book.

    Not to end kept voice mail msg to MAMA for Parushan, Jinesh to chat and Jwalit bhai to talk.

    Had a bath and am here with you depicting my day in truest form.....BYE

  6. I can't expect better start of the day...

    Was ready by 8:50 ready to fly but no where to go.
    As had a class at 1. Went to Library. Studied till 12:30. Man was fun. Then had my Lunch. (Steam rice and Yogurt). Went to class and got a lllooonggg week end gift. A Homework. Something which he had never even taught in the class. Anyways after having it one of my friend (Chini) wanted to buy books i did. (From India ori. for 7$ + Shipping / against 140 dollars here) So i made order of 4 books for.Can you believe this. Later send mail to EEC and Akash for reasonable charges for shipping. Cleaned the room uploaded the snaps of room on blog and bla bla bla...

    Yeah now i found something interesting which by matter of click was able to remove all subscribed mails i used to receive. from 18K unread mail in my Inbox to 4.8K mails.Man was discovery of the day.

    Went to Swimming, mailed to relatives, Call to relatives, scraps to friends was part of my today's life.

    I had a general test in VLSI class and i guess i hit bull's eye. Then went straight to wash my clothes. (Had to climb a hill sloppy road i mean for it). There they have a free dryer and washer.

    Missed a Comedian Show held on the campus as busy was with other stuff and was too tired.

    Neways will end with no special quotes to put this time but i hope tomorrow will have much interesting day.


  7. The day started with a penalty of around 40 minutes at 10:40. Got ready and headed straight to 617 for ride to Chutes and Ladders where i had a scheduled BBQ party. There was big packets of chips lying in front of me with a onion cheese dip. Can there be any thing better than this. To add more fun there were 6 types of Soda. After having to it to my limit, it realized that BBQ was still left. I ate Burgers with Chips instead of Tikki as it was of Meat.

    As soon as i was not longer hungry i started to play Frisbees...was fun and later Frisbee based on football rules.

    After all that i came to room tired and slept.

    I woke and realized i had to study...It went on and on till i completed one of the Docs and other half. Also i studied some amt of I to A.

    Studying much i needed something for my stomach where i feeded him Noodles and 5 oranges and a glass of milk + Cereal bar..Yummy. Now am about to sleep...Good night everyone.

  8. Today was much of relief from my past two days.
    Saturday was fun as had gone for Sailing and stuff but did horribly bad on Sunday.

    No study + Sleeping recklessly.

    Monday with the start of new week bought some sunlight in my dreamworld. I woke and luckily sat for studies.

    Started my day from a horrible disaster. Just b4 noon. Ran for shower-checked mail-had cereals and milk and for my class. After a not so sleepy class i had a discussion with Wong about SSD. I confirmed a discussion on Assignment on Wednesday, reviewed Kartik about my I to A book plan and instructed my self to solve the SSD assignment to as much as possible.

    After attending a not so attending class of VLSI i came to room with no knowledge but hunger. Ate delicious food and rested for a show in ABC.

    After having a good 1 hr nap i went to my study table a take a stack of VLSI text. Then after that i studied the VLSI papers and now i am writing this blog. It is just 11:40 so entire night is still in my hand for studies in SSD. Wish me best luck for it and hot plain milk.

  9. It was a break from a wild routine been practiced by me for last one week. Waking in the MORNING.

    While it is wonderful to watch ppl gearing up for their daily chores but the most interesting part is to manage your own chores. That is what i did.

    Bath till breakfast took me just 20 minutes but the most time consumable task was TO WAKE as the snooze rang from 8 in morning till 9. While all this apart i started my day in a very positive way and that is what i wanted.

    I went straight to find on-campus job. Had a short joy at Aftermath where there was a gentleman resigning from his position. I thought that my day has been unless i was reminded by the Manager that offer will be given on pre-list basis. Man !!

    No wonder i came back and went to straight to the reception for my UPS parcel. (Imagine my first delivery of books. Kaunas Inc. had finally started). I ran to my room to open it and mailed to my first customer about the offering i had for him. (I LOVE UPS).

    The energy was high and not wanting to waste it i went to my Locker at Post office to check for mails. I here it was mail of my Elder bro Neelam bhai. Wow my first post!!! hurrah it was raining letters on me.

    Then i went to room for some foodies and went for delivery and then classroom to submit my assignment.

    After submitting it and attending the class i gave my Quiz which did not happen to be much tough.

    I came to room to prepare for gp. study plan with my friend Muyu Chen. After talking with my loving Sister (Who also happened to have Quiz today) i went straight to Library for brain-storming session on SSD. I found some answers and happy to have those came to room for UPMA. i cooked talked with Neelam bhai..Had some relaxing time with Lappy and news and here i am writing this.

  10. Today was no new day as far as rising time was concered. The 10-90% delay was the same. 11: 45 to 12:00... Got ready for class at 1 and what was that..As soon as i went reached for the class we had a show of fabrication in it. It went for half and hour and there i was standing right outside my dept. Man what a day to begin with.

    Soon i went to my room after having a brief tour of the MUB. After that i went to my room to watch FOX..Was a good movie till interval when i realized that the time was up for my 4 p.m. class. I went there and there it was a beautiful vanilla coffee waiting for me (Bought by Nikhel for me). I drank and attended the class. (Went smooth). After this i went to meet Prof. to discuss about previous papers. Where he gave me some new which i just completed. Now i also started with the assignment o VLSI to solve some doubts. I ran over it and concluded to meet Students over it. Rest is fine as for now. Then i went to room of Eman and had a good time (Shared some idea over how the Egypt was indulged in war and some strategy previously applied to gain the lost land from Isreal). Later i came to room to read news and stuff. Also i commited to reach at college at 9:30 to solve some lab work needed to be submitted b4 noon today. So waiting for an interesting day tomorrow.

  11. Today was a different experience for me.
    I tried a lot of things said by many in the world and wooh got success in it.

    One thing which i did was...Implement the logics of book Secret. I before the ruffle started told my friend i was going to win. And i was fully confident of winning it for sure. The last draw was mine. Man i realized that if you truly aspire for something entire world will draw the power for your success.

    Another thing was i eat by around 9 :30 and was on bed by 10. I woke again at 2 a.m. and now i am here. I feel very fresh and i hope it would not affect my other day.Good night.

  12. It was a long day.Literally. I woke at 2 a.m. and was blank. The first thing i did was just ran into the desktop to accompany me in this long voyage of darkness. No wonder i found certain interesting stuff to keep me busy for couple of minutes.

    But soon the inner self became conscious and compelled me to study on the biochip paper given to me by Dr. Shiyan Hu. After grasping some initial concepts what it actually was all about i tried m hands of SSD assignments. Soon i realized that i was unable to keep concentration and the most important thing i needed was now a cup of coffee.

    So i hit at the gym in the hotel and then for cup of two coffee to assist me. I came to room fresh with hot blood and after having bath i went straight to College to find an on-campus job. Hard luck but of course found some new faces to talk with. Handed out my first Business card to the head chef and was very proud of the moment.

    I went to Library to find some concentration and was lucky to find it. After getting concepts of few things i went to room for some relaxation.

    Back with energy after consuming some food i went to College. But before that my post on Barkboard to sell Presidential Parking Slot was a big hit. I replied to the Quotation asked for and got a healthy response.

    Finally sold to my hotel-mate for $20.After atending the Class where i really did some great stuff (Solving a solution on board although the solution was wrong). Came out with I to A book to cross check my edition. Came straight to my room before making 15 copies of my Visiting card. Was interesting making it.

    Came to room and wrote two blogs of my successful day. So far. Did some room cleaning, cooked food and some internet stuff. Started reading my new novel "Presidential Command" . Went for shopping but without luck as the shop was closed. Talked with my sis and thats what i can recollect from this day.

  13. Wow what a day has it been....Sunday as it should be....Woke at 11...Watch lot of movie..Did not find Patra to take for Pot Luck..(A dinner where everyone prepares something and brings it at some common place....) Then had a Fruit dish as a lunch pack...There on surfed TV to watch movies....Watch many of them....Later again had a fruit dinner...What more i later had a talk with Jiju, Fia, and so on.....Mailed to Jwalit bhai to know more about the tracking no. of my Diwali gift send by Kaka.....Later i cleaned my underarm hair, Shampoo, Sauna Bath, Spa.....What else i went to work from 2300-0300 hrs....I cleaned my room from a-z and was quite successful in it. And i guess this is what i had to do today.Take care