Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Admitted in Computers program in US for Masters in top 60 university

Here i am going to discuss about a typical example of my friend who wants to get admitted in Masters program of Computer Engineering. His worry is to get admitted in top 60 University of US.

10th : 75% 2002
12th : 60% 2004
B.E. Comp - 2008 (Kanpur University ): 67 % in final year
Aggregate of 8 semesters -> 55% with total 11 dead backlogs.
Work Ex (K.P.O) : 6 months as Technical Trainee in Dell

Seems pretty interesting with the odds not much in favour. But looking with the past experience of my friends with almost similar academic track record i found its possible to get admit if not easy.

Just keep this in mind. I and other friend of mine with GRE of 1330 and 1350 in Electronics got admit from NY Poly and Michigan Tech. While other friends of our in Computer with GRE of 1300 and 1400 got into USC and Georgia Tech.

So here is where the difference comes into picture. It is more easier to get admitted for Computer Programs.

So my friend keep in mind to highlight strong points of yours such as Work-ex, Programming skills (In your case CCNS) and good GRE and TOEFL score in SOP. Your LOR should also be something impressive to get admitted.

So make sure you start taking working instead of wasting time in unexpected strategies.

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  1. Hey, i like you taking a time and posting blogs every day.

  2. hey chirag its so nice of u helping all interesting people who wants to pursue ms in usa.i am interested in doing ms in cs stream .i got gre 1100.i have to take up toefl.kindy suggest me some good univ where there is chance of funding ,scholarships.i request you to give me ur id so that i can mail my some other doubts .

  3. Hello,

    Well my mail id is displayed in the left coloumn of the page. If you missed it here is my id again