Monday, September 28, 2009

Progressive Dinner at City of Houghton

    [A part of series of article describing "Life as Celebration" by the people of City of Houghton]

Life in Houghton is full of Celebration. It started with K-Day, than came Parade of Nations which later paved way for Progressive Dinner.

Progressive Dinner is a concept where the courses of Dinner progresses from one Church to another. To be more specific, the Appetizer was in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Salad was in Canterbury House, Main Course in Portage Lake United Church and Deserts in St. Albert the Great Church.

Citizens involved with each Church prepare a multicultural cuisine, is served to the guest and in this way you can know new people and create a healthy society. Well as far as i am concerned i made some Finnish friends   who could help me in my Coin Collection. Hurrah.

The food which caught my attention was various new kinds of Deserts (Full of cream), Garlic cutlet, Hamas with Pita Bread,  Salads with various kind of dressings and Mushroom Curry. 

One of the most fascinating things i discovered today was Canterbury House. It is a house (Present in all Universities of US), where people come for group study, have snacks, have part-time job, and participate in multi-cultural activities. The best part is its proximity to the Department's and would love to visit it time and again.

To conclude, this wonderful yearly event is a beautiful idea of developing sense of community among residents of Houghton


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