Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Placement of my room

I cannot imagine my research on Study of placement and routing of chips in a circuit help me in designing of my room. I selected the position of bed, TV, Microwave and fridge by taking the amout of socket, light availibilty and privacy into consideration.

This operation bought me the solution of why do company hire engineer from other field venthough they might have not been from the same background?

What a company wants from an fresher is not great outputs or inventions, but fresh ideas. I can add something to it from my personal experince.

My Internship at Alstom Power was completely off my background in telecommunication. Infact instead of keeping me in Instrumentation and Control (Closest to my background), i was kept in Process side as a process engineer. Gradually when i interacted with my co-colleage and my seniors i came to know that this is what others face too.

An IIT- Kanpur grad. in Mechanical Engineering was in Procurement Dept. A DCE mech grad. was in Quality dept. writing punch points. The answer was clear. Company wants responsible people with commitment towards their work. The only thing they expect from the trainee is that they should be able to grasp all the knowledge given to them with curosity. They should be able to excel things given to them within time frame with lots of enthusiasm.

So my conclusion to all other students is that STUDY ALWAYS HELPS WHAT EVER IT MAY BE.

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