Monday, September 7, 2009

Volunteering at Econofood and Sailing on Portage Lake

Can any one have more better than mine.Starting with waking earlier than my hyperactive roomie to sailing on a 30 feet deep lake, it was simply what i can say"My Day".

Econofoods is the biggest grocery store in the area. I went to volunteer as a box boy for fund raising for an an event called Parade of Nations.

For many residing in this area it is said to be the best festival. The proof was pretty obvious with funds raised to be any where between 1K to 2K as Piggy (Bank's) stomach being full of GREEN Color

Later having earned my reward with delicious food i headed straight for Ms Nancy's place for Sailing. ( I hope she becomes American ambassador to India). My crew members were cool guys with having Phd in Sailing. Man genius. The passion was obvious with Nicky coming from Lower Michigan just for boating race.

I came across some GREEK words such as starboard , port , forward or fore , aft bow , stern , beam and so on. ....

After coming second in the two race participated, we won a NIMBUS TOO award. (Chocolate of more than 15 varieties). Jesus...

After reaching dock plan was made for a dinner at Library Restaurant. (My first American Restaurant). Had a Veggie Sub and was surprisingly good.

After bidding adieu to the crew members and thanking to make the day so delighful for me came to room for dance practice for Indian group of Parade of Nations.

And now i am here describing the day i had..........

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