Thursday, September 24, 2009

Presidential Command

After a considerable gap over reading novels, September 24 came as a rescue and bought me this wonderful book. It will help me in giving insight about what is actual difference between Presidential System and Parliamentary System of Govt.

The author of the book has been closely associated with more than 5 Presidents and gives some situations in which Foreign Policy of United States was drafted, thus affecting lives of millions of people around the world.

What shocks me is that the President in United States once in Power has to fill around 3000 positions like Secretary, Joint Secretary, Under Secretary and so on.

My friends who till now know my reading habits must be quite surprised over my selection of a Non-fictional novel. Probably i agree with them and the decision for me to read it is dual purpose. 1) As i said to know more about the country where i am present 2) To obviously get fresh from daily studies which i do.

I hope by the time this book gets completed i may be able to interpret what will be the next step of US Govt. towards H1-B status. [:)]

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  1. The chapters are divided among the role and likes of each President.....So obviously the last one is President Bush...Have skipped some presidents and am on Bill Clinton...