Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Admissions worry due to class improvement.

Another day a very good friend of mine asked me a very interesting Question.

It goes this way: "If my class improvement result comes in February will it affect my admissions for Fall-10?"

Well, the answer is yes and no.

First start with positive side. No because in most of Good University (Remember most not all) such as Arizona State, SUNY and so on the deadline is missed by the time. But remember there are two deadlines. One for Online applications which most University accept and another is Document recieving deadline.

If i talk about my case then the deadline for Michigan State University was March 1. But that was for Online. I send the data on 15th with the request mail to the admissions dept.

So remember to submit the online application. Which does not require your score as you can mention result waiting. Even your GRE, TOEFL score space can be left blank. The only thing important in your online application will be your SOP (Some Uni. ask for online) and Application fee and term you are interested for.

Rest can be send as soon as available.

Now the bad part of the answer. There are certain University which does not accept even documents after certain date in any case (Bold because it depends on how you convince the admissions dept.). But those are rear and most University will accept Documents in March also.

So please don't worry unless you have submitted applications.

Have a great week.


  1. now was this 'good friend', a certain sumone i/we shared a room with????

  2. no buddy it is Rahul Desai..Remember he was in SIT for first year and then transfered to SCOE

  3. Thanks for the info. buddy!
    Please provide the details of LOR.

  4. nice bro..ur blog is actually help ful..n well thanks a lot for the sop..pls let me no ll i b eligible for most of the universities in case i take my gre in mid nov.n ya one more thing m working as an RF engineer n by the end july 2010 il l b havin an exp. of 1 yr..ll this be helpful 2 me if i apply for the course in the same field.

  5. Well giving GRE by Nov is a perfect time..Infact as i have mentioned in the blog..immaterial to your date of GRE and TOEFL what matters is your online application..If you submit your application b4 even 1 sec of pre-defined date it is fine. for eg. deadline of Arizona State Uni is 1st Dec.
    Remember online application does not req GRE and TOEFL score compulsorily..You may send them later too.What they really care is your interest in the Univesity and your application fees. Moreover 1 yr exp. is always benificial over other candidate without any experience. Pls select your Uni and start talking to it will help you in getting Scholarship and getting RA, GA...saving hell amt of money of yours.