Friday, October 9, 2009

Admission in CS with following profile.

Profile: (90% +) B.E.
           1200+    GRE

The question was asking for comments for getting in certain Universities given.

Well starting with the first one.
GeorgiaTech- It demands winners. You have a good B.E. score but need to get over 100 in TOEFL and should have won enough laurels to get admitted in this University. I have a friend of mine admitted in Fall-09 admitted in it.His profile was around 1400 in GRE, 110 TOEFL, B.E ~ 68% and had many extracurricular prizes like winning Microsoft sponsored all India level programming competition, Intership in MNC along with studies, to mention few.

So i would recommend you to try your luck here if you an SOP which can prove your worth.

Other mentioned  are Iowa and Ohio State. They both are located in Urban area so can better to apply here.

University of Minnesota is good for Electrical Engg. I have no idea for Computer. But i would recommend to apply for University located more closer to Comp. Industry. Which happens to be more in NY, NJ, TX and California. So i would not suggest you to apply here.

Now shifting to next list. Stony brook is what i would highly recommend. As in NY, would also help in getting an off campus job.  Good Transportation, Good Life and many financial Co's having IT division. These points make it a must apply University. UC Davis- is a good one. A bit Expensive if you can afford.
UFL is good. My friend with GRE 1520 and having BE from NIT, Surat helped his cause of getting in. So it again demands a good SOP. Again i would not say it as a Moderate University as you have listed. It is a wonderful University with a good track record. University of Maryland- Have no idea but would recommend it as is in Urban area and has many big companies around.

San Jose is a safe University and you should apply here for the same reason. Currently Networking is considered a nice field as far as CS goes. So i would suggest to apply to NCSU. And again this is not a safe University as listed by you. It is having a very big expanding IT park near it. Which boasts Co. like IBM, CISCO and other biggies. So i would highly recommend to apply here.

Apart from University you have stated i would recommend Rutgers and Stevens. They are good and have an exellent track record.

I would suggest you to apply to 7-8 Universities (2 safe + 3 moderate + 3 Dream level).

All the best. If any doubts, do ask for.

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