Sunday, October 11, 2009

Admissions in CS for current profile.


    This is the Profile of a student, interested to get admit in  MS-CS.

Graduation Percentage: ~ 60%
GRE:~ 1450
Other Achievements: 1.Internship at IIT ,Couple of Projects, 1st in Paper P.+ President of various College Level Org.

Well there was no Question given, so i assume It's which apply for?

To begin with. You have a very good GRE, TOEFL score. Internship at IIT will be a key point which will make difference.

So these are universities which i would suggest from the list of University you gave and some from mine.

GaTech is a right choice.
(Good chances of getting in)

NorthEastern University

Drexel University (Free Application)

SUNY Buffalo

North Carolina State University

University of Florida (Expensive)

University of Southern California (Expensive)

Purdue University

Michigan State University

All of these are good and take a chance in them.

All the best. If any doubts do not hesitate to ask.



  1. hey..thanks for ur response..! wot do u feel r my chances in Iowa State univ and on Stony brook ? not possible ?

  2. Well you have good chances of getting admits from both of them.

  3. hi...i need help with my sop..can u review it and give ur comments

  4. my gre score is 1040,toefl-yet to write,10th-81,12th-87,
    sugggest me uni in cs
    can i get admission into
    uni of north texas
    wright state uni
    north dakota state uni
    new mexico state uni