Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reply to Mails Recieved on Oct. 3rd EST related to MS

I badly wanna go for US in a good university for my MS.

right now i m clueless!
what is the criteria?
what gre score do i require?
does a very good gre score alone make u a worthy applicant?
do i need to be in touch with the college professors constantly?

Well this is a open answer. Going to US without GRE/TOEFL is also possible. But since you are specific with good University,  i would say GRE should be 1000 + and TOEFL be 80+ . 

So CRITERIA is nothing as such. The scores one have, gets certain Uni. of one's own class. For an IIT'ian anything less than an Ivy-league does not fall in his criteria. For me, it is heaven.

Now application depends as i have said earlier, on lots of factor. Most Important for MS is GPA, GRE.
Secondary are TOEFL, SOP, LOR, CO-curricular, and Work EX. These becomes important for Financial Aid also.

So REMEMBER where ever one may be, there is something for everyone. Getting best out of what one has, is a work of smartness.

2) i have a gre score of 1050 and nt yet got my score card,is it neccesary for me to giv toefl,or can i apply without it.and could u plz recomend some gud collegs for me as am an Electronics engineer but i want to go for master in artificial intelligence or V.L.S.I?
Well TOEFL is required as said  earlier to get into ''good' University. In my opinion it should be anywhere above 80.

Now there are good Uni in two ways ----

Good Education but not so many Electronic Co. for Career Fair. As is my case. Michigan Tech. (As aways from office of all these Co.)

Mediocre Education---- But as being very close to all these Co. have advantage of good after college job prospects.

If you are planning for AI, VLSI, my suggestion would be to go to Uni. near California or Texas.SJSU, SDSU, Uni of Texas at Arlington, U of C at Northridge, Michigan Tech(Application is free). 

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