Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sailing in the beautiful Keweenaw of the Upper Peninsula...

Houghton was at its best.  Behaved well by not raining +  Lots of Wind for Sailing and a wonderful dinner at Ramada Inn (Thanks to Nancy and Daine).

And whats more we won. hurray.

It all started at 3:00 when we started the boat at sunshine (A starting point for Frostbite racing).Was a picture perfect-A charming breeze blowing, lots of snacks to eat and a panoramic view.

But soon we realized that the Sail was Stuck. After genius Engineering by our Captain we were able to out of crisis on time and headed straight towards the first point of race. Wind Speed of approx 20 knots and overall speed of 7 knots was enough to keep the roaring Deter at bay.

But the real excitement begin when completing the Red 26 (second point) and overtaking SISU. The boat was tilted at an angle of 60 Degree with lots of adjusting of Jibe and Mains to maintain the Speed. Was lots
and lots of fun.

After having completed the third point, the race became hot. Adrenaline was rising and so was the fun. After lots of criss-crossing, gale came at our rescue and we were able to beat Deter. An historic event, to be remembered for a long time.

After this thrilling feat, time was for joy ride and chocolates. Having done with all, we reached the dock at 7.

It was decided to go at Boat House. Having some juice, we headed straight to Ramada Hotel for Dinner.
Having Veg Sandwich with french frieds it was time to bid adieu.

And thats the end of happy tale........

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