Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best time to give GRE

Well i was asked in one of the community in Orkut about best time to give GRE.

Well the answer is within 3 months of starting your preparation. If you delay more than the Law of Degradation comes into picture (It is an economic theory,  see the graph)

So the the top of the edge is nearly said to be 3 months.

Now if you go by fact. GRE database for Xam's are refreshed in October. So any one taking GRE in this month would be benefited by simple Q and good score.

Now if you are not prepared. Chill, you can give xams also at the end of the month as most of the question for the months data base will be out and you would be aware of trends of Q asked.

But my ADVICE to all of you is just read my GRE tips article and don't take the dates based on above paragraph. Just REMEMBER study hard and give exams in 3 months. You will surely get good results.

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