Sunday, October 18, 2009

University to apply for given profile.

Oct-Nov-Dec-Jan are the months when students start applying to Universities.

So the natural Question is which University to go for.

Here is a profile i received earlier this week regarding it.

Profile is :
GRE ~ 1400-
Many other Curricular activites and projects.
Work: Well known MNC for 1+ year.

Q:There are some colleges for which i need to know my chances to get in:

  1. University of California, Irvine
  2.  CMU
  3. Texas A&M University--College Station
  4. Cornell University
     University of California--Los Angeles
  5. Georgia Institute of Technology
  6. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--New Brunswick

and it will be very helpful also if you can categorize them as expensive or moderate.
If i have missed any good uni in which my chances are good ,you can mention it .

One more thing .Can you tel me the scope of some fields in Us ?.I mean job market for some fields.

Starting with the list of University you gave.

All of them are said to be Expensive to some extend. California University's have a tradition of being expensive. But to say Rutgers is the least expensive among all (Moderate).

So done with the cost part, would suggest some other University too.

University of Maryland, College Park (Takes less international students but you have a chance) 
Univeristy of Texas, Austin (Demands research paper as u do not have but do try it)

NCSU, SUNY Stonybrook, Arizona State Uni., Ohio State, Iowa State are few other recommendations
Most of them are moderate and worth to go for. Both for on-study jobs, Funding and after study jobs.

Well regarding demand in US, Networking is something to  go for. Jobs do not get easily outsourced in this field. So...And also Systems is a good option.
I would suggest you to go for Georgia Tech, ASU, NCSU, Stony brook,  Ohio State, Maryland, USC (very expensive), UFL to for. Most of them are expensive. So you can select San Jose as a cheap one, (But far bellow what you deserve). On East Coast Rutgers is a good one and Stevens will be a good option too.

I hope i was able to answer your Q's. If you have any more doubts you may feel free to ask for.


  1. hey can u tell me what is the minimum requirement for a admission to a decent (not necessarily the top one)univ.

    i m planng to take GRE
    my TOEFL=115
    univ avg score=75.4%
    you can also reply me at

  2. yes and i want to add that i want admission in a pharmacy school. i am a B.pharm student currently.

  3. hi
    my profile is
    WORK ex-6 months
    the universities i an thinking of
    stony brook
    uni of rochester
    texas a&m
    texas dallas
    please comment and please refer some more universities
    thank you

  4. hi plz.. evaluate my profile...
    gre: 1030
    ielts: 6.5
    accads: 70.5%
    experience: 1year