Saturday, October 3, 2009

Answers to Comment of Previous Post (University to apply for Given Profile)

1)m plannin to take it in mid nov. 'll it be k.m done with around 36 wordlists..


Well It is glad that you are planning to give GRE by Mid- Nov..Good Decision.

It is great to know that you are doing pretty good in wordlist.

Remember: Wordlist is the key to success in Verbals. Coz RC are said to be on one's luck (I had really tough time as topics were out of my line).
Moreover knowing new words is good after all.
Do remember to take a look at Nova's top 400 words. They are quite useful.

And 2 days before your test, appear for GRE PREP, that will give an approximate idea of your score.

Before i end, remember to send score to Uni. of your choice. Coz it is free. Or else you may have to pay $20 to send to each Uni Later.

2)"m applyin for ECE...gre score is 1040 n toefl waiting...BE electronics from mumbai universities with 60% aggr....did few good projects...also attended many workshops held by IEEE...besides won 1st prize also in paper presentation....n participated in few more.....
i kno gre is less.but what r the chances of gettin ne university...suggest me few frm whr chances r high of gettin admits....."

The Comment asks for suggestion for Uni. to apply, according to his profile.

Your Profile is very similar to most of other ppl who send me earlier. So you need to prove yourself above them by writing a good SOP. (Include everything what you have done) but ofcourse never mention that you are Expert in C++ or other stuff. Coz they know it will be bluff. So mention your adjective with care.

Well as far as sure shot Uni. are taken into a/c, NYIT , Bridgeport, Farleigh Dickinson Uni, Cleveland State Uni, are mostly thought of. But i would suggest not to go into any of these as they have lots and lots of Indians. You would not be able to taste the American Life to full. (My opinion). But again as far as Off-Campus jobs are concerned, these are the heavens for it.

If i would have been, i would have applied to, San Diego State Uni., San Jose State, Stevens Inst of Tech, Texas Arlington, California State Uni at NorthRidge., Michigan Tech.....

For backing you may apply to any of the sure shots and then after having a good GPA in first Sem, you my transfer to any other Uni. That is again an option.

3)"my gre score is 1280. waiting for toefl scores. did B.E civil in Anna university, chennai. my agg s 86%. 96% in 12th. im planning to apply to ncsu, tamu, virginia and iowa state. can u tell me what are my chances of getting admits in these univ? can u also tell me how to approach prof for assistantships? can we directly mail them before applying?"

You are a Shoe-in. Good GRE, Good GPA. That is what you need primarily. Moreover Civil Engg. is in full Swing these days because of current thrust in Infrastructure given by Obama Admin. (Put America Back to Work scheme).

All these Uni. you mentioned demand a balanced score. TOEFL for NCSU atleast is demaned more than 100. But for Civil they may be a bit flexible. So it is a good decision to apply. Go ahead and you would get atleast one admit. Moreover your early application may also lead you to a good Scholarship.

For second question you asked.

Well you should never ask for Assistant ship directly in first mail.
Try to build contact with Prof. on line of common interest and research. Once your discussion becomes healthy you may use that time for asking for it. Well in my case. The Prof. knew that if student discuss so much, they need support and they will themselves give it to you before you even ask. This applies to all Prof. So just mail to Prof. even if you have not applied to those University.

All the best to all of you.

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