Monday, October 5, 2009

Answers to Questions on 4th of Oct

These are some of the Q i received on 4th of October.

I ve already sent the applications to 6 universities in USA  for MS...My GRE score is only 1110...and my academic percent is 82.Is the score very low?
I am preparing for TOEFL.... I have some doubts regarding i\the test.Since u ve taken the test..,Ur ideas ll be of more help..
How about the long formats....are there chances to get long formats in both reading and listeningf?
Does the word count appear in writing section? I ve been practicing Barrons and am used to wordcount...
In which volume ,we should speak-much louder?

Starting with the first Question of yours. Well As i have written earlier--There is something for everyone. So it cannot be defined if your score is less or not. If i answer Statistically- well your score lies on the average belt (GRE scores). Again, I have no idea which 6 Uni. have you applied to.But anyhow looking at your academic aggregate you have a good chance of getting in good University (Again good depends on many factors).

Regarding Toefl doubts , Yes be prepared for long passages and also your listening passage. My advice for Listening would be to write what ever you hear with full concentration. What i mean is you should know what you have written where. So that once you have started with Questions, you will not waste time in searching what you have written where. Regarding Reading, do not leave any uncompleted answer. As there is a negative penalty for that. 

Well for Writing part you will have wordcount so need not worry for that part.

Regarding volume. The software of TOEFL test has a voice adjusting program. So they will test you with a casual topic of 20 seconds, and accordingly adjust the volume. So you can speak in a normal way and it will adjust the volume by itself.

If any more doubts with TOEFL please do not hesitate to mail me. I may give a only TOEFL article for tips as i did for GRE in past.

2) i have a GRE score of 1050,with split score quant :760 verbal:290
     engineering ~ 65%
     intermediate~ 92%
     tenth~ 90%

toefl yet to take,completed my engineering in electronics and communication and want to pursue MS in electronics and communications in a good university with aid,please guide me in the university selection,and suggest some universities which provide scholarship

Well, you have a balanced score till now except for GRE. Still you get away with decent University. Now Electronics and Communication is a wide field. If you want to get into Communication field (Wireless Communication, Networking), i would suggest some and if you want in Electronics (VLSI, Embedded, Solid State Device) againt the University would be different. 

Anyhow i will give for both according to your scores. 

For Electronics 
- Solid State- Michigan Tech, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri, University of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins University.

-VLSI- Embedded- Uni of Texas at Arlington, NY ploy, San Jose State University, San Diego State Uni, CSU, Northridge.

Communication- IIT Chicago, University of Illinois, NY Poly, Michigan Tech. CSU Northridge.

I hope this may have answered all your Queries.  All the best for future. 

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