Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali: The festival of Lights.

People in Ayodhya celebrated Diwali on arrival of their king Lord Rama after his victory over Lanka.

So did the people of Houghton after Mr. Chirag, successfully completed Bachelors, Internship bla bla.
Well, the performance is yet to be held in the in the Darbar (Rozsa Center), but the treat was held at my Prof. and a very good Poet Dr. Kulkarni's place.

After presenting a Card (Made by me), their were discussions on varied topics such as String Theory, Big band theory, Climate in Houghton, Some interesting facts such as ppl living in their office in University (Cooking., taking shower in bath, sleeping overnight), Library at 1st floor EERC, Sue against Michigan Tech (Again coz of stupid reasons) et. al. the discussion was supported by snacks (Chakri and sweets)

Discussion topic ranged from Politics-Science and of course Silence. The last one being the spoil player. Usually the diwali i have seen till now was full of noise, crackers, guests, good clothes, lights, pollution.

After eating tasty Indian food (After long time) which included Pulav, Mix Vegetable, Rotli, salad and curd, a pseudo singing competition was held where no one sang any songs....

After all the fun it was time to bid adieu and thanking  for such a wonderful evening, we scattered like electrons...........

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