Sunday, October 4, 2009

Work or MS/MIS

Today i had a very interesting Q about advice to Work or continue education by going for Masters in CS or MIS.

His profile is 10th , 12th > 90%, BE avg ~ 70
Have GRE in mid Oct.

Q- I got job in XXXXXX as a XXXXXXXXXX and the joining date will be XXXXX-XXXX
so what i have to do
1)did i apply for the uni or work for tcs for 2-3 years and then apply??
2)what do u suggest ms cs or mis??
3)u suggest 4 uni i will apply to those universities?(low tution and good placements)

Answering your First Q

1) XXXXXXXX is a well named Co. Also unlike others (Tech Mahindra) they would honor the job offer. So there is no doubt that you will be joining it.

My advice would be to continue with the offer for atleast 2 years.

This would also help in getting Financial Aid once you have a broader horizon of the field.

Now GRE scores are Valid for 5 years. So 
may give xam on Oct -23 and use these score for admission after 2-3 years of Work Exp.

Again MS or MIS is a decision of yours. I know it is very confusing right now. But that is with every student of your age. So once you are working with like-minded ppl, you would automatically get answer to this Q.

So to conclude my advice is to work (Will help for financial aid, give edge to your application, you will be more confidant and will help in after Grad Job prospects)+ Give GRE and get good score + Send free score to Uni. Texas at Arlington, Univesity of Texas A&M, Michigan Tech, Arizona State Uni are my suggested Uni.

These all are cheap and also good.

All the best and pls feel free for any need.

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